ITECplace Singapore operates 2 lines of services:  TMT (Telecoms, Media and Technology) Research and Technology Incubation, operating in the ICT sector. Its commissioned research facilitates its Telecom clients with decision making as well as spearhead under researched topics and market analysis. Financial modeling is at the cornerstone of its quantitative approach with a view leading into detailed feasibility study and bankable analysis. Its incubation business stems from its Australian heritage of  technology venturing to provide market adoption to support capital raising initiatives.
The ITECplace business found its roots in Jan 2005 in Melbourne, Australia after it was contracted with the Victorian government to support Victorian ICT SME’s as part of the Victorian government Venture Capital program. Since then ITECplace has provided services to over 300 technology SMEs in Victoria.
 In Jan 2009, ITECplace through founding shareholder  Will Rimba officially setup its Singapore office to service ASEAN Telecoms clients and since then has advised in numerous projects leading to successful transactions. The Singapore entity continues to pursue strategic activities for its own incubation activities as well its clients to realise closings.
ITECplace is overseen by a group of 4 principals in which  Will Rimba leads the Singapore activities for the ASEAN region. The principals possess a broad range of managerial, marketing, financial, transactional and investment skills. ITECplace emphasizes a hands-on approach and believe that its experience in technology venturing provide its clients with significant advantage and insights.
We aim to use technology to promote a cooperative model of business and research that leads to value creation for all, as we believe that existing regional resources, when layered with the right technology can unlock massive value inherent in these markets. We also care about the environment in all our projects we undertake; taking care to drive sustainability conversations throughout our ecosystem.
There are a handful of traits that distinguish ITECplace among other providers. What these characteristics can mean to the customers and partners we do business with is explained more fully on the pages that follow.

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